People seem to think Duchess Kate can sue Tatler because they made her look ‘dull’?

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the charity Cinemagic in Belfast

As we discussed in a very special Sunday royal post, the Duke and Duchess of Karens Cambridge are incredibly salty about Tatler’s “Catherine the Great” cover story. I’m tired of recapping all the ins and outs, so I’ll just say what *I* think happened: Tatler’s editor in chief Richard Dennen, an old school friend of Kate’s, went to her months ago and was like “you would so hard, you’re so keen, we should do a big cover story about how keen and important you are,” and Kate was like “omg that sounds perfectly acceptable, I will authorize some staffers and sycophants to speak to Tatler on my behalf.” And then reporter Anna Pasternak spoke to everybody in Kate’s “circle,” including those aristocratic Turnip Toffs, and the Toffs likely used the moment to put Kate in her place. That’s the only thing which would explain the wild tonal shifts throughout the Tatler story – the amount of Meghan-smearing and keenness for Kate’s “top CEO” work ethic, combined with all of the shady sh-t about Rose Hanbury and the gauche Middletons. It’s still so funny to me.

It’s also funny that Kate and William somehow think that they can threaten and bully their way out of a simple case of “bad PR.” That’s all this was. It was the same kind of shady hit job that the Cambridges organized against the Duchess of Sussex for several years. Will and Kate are just so used to being embiggened and fluffed up over nothing, they can’t stand it when someone laughs at how preeningly self-important they are. So now they’re “threatening legal action.” It’s startling to see how many headlines say “The Cambridges will sue the Tatler!” Because that’s not what the Mail’s story said at all – right now the Cambridges are just in the “throw tantrums and get their lawyers to send letters” phase of things. I mean, what is there to sue about? Nothing. It’s not a cut-and-dry case like, say, the Mail publishing a private letter Meghan sent to her father. If Will and Kate do end up suing Tatler, what will the lawsuit be? “I’m suing them because they said I work as hard as a top CEO”??

Ingrid Seward (that old B) also chimed in, via Newsweek: “She [Paternak] manages to completely lift Kate onto a pedestal and then completely knock her off it. She manages to slag off her mother, makes William look weak and makes Kate look so dull. No woman wants to be presented that way. The fact the articles attacked her family are probably what will have really got to her.” The attacks on the Middletons affected Kate the most? Really? Because her people barely said a word about that to the Mail’s Richard Kay or Emily Andrews. The way both reporters make it sound is that Kate is terribly mad about looking dull, self-absorbed, lazy and like she puts up with a philandering husband.

Meanwhile, Tatler’s EIC Richard Dennen remains unbothered. He posted this on his Instagram Stories this weekend – what I can only assume are his two dogs reading Tatler.

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